Formsvision is an international clinical development company. We offer solutions to pharmaceuticals and academics. Our aim is to reduce administrative overhead in clinical trials data management to the investigator, data centres and stakeholders.

We believe that clinical trial sites will make a transition from many different systems enforced by industry to a preferred system selected by each clinical site individually. This is why unlike others in the industry we do not have any vendor lock-in.

FormsVision services are based on the ALEA® suite of online tools for clinical trials. ALEA® has been developed and deployed over the last two decades in collaboration with European academics. ALEA® is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based on Cloud Computing technologies. ALEA ® provides online data management tools for use in the clinical trials of the pharmaceutical industry and the academic clinical research community. The use of ALEA® increases the efficiency at clinical trial sites, reduces the time to market of drugs and reduces the overall cost of data collection.

The reduction of administrative overhead makes it possible for investigators to spend more time on research and makes it possible that new drugs find their way to the market quicker. Which improves the lives of many patients.

ALEA ® is currently used by more than 40 organizations on over 500 clinical trials spanning all therapeutic areas.

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